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The most important pieces of gear I have are my ears. Any top mixer will tell you, it's not where you mix it, but who is doing the mixing.These days you don’t need a giant console to mix a record. I began engineering after DAW`s became the standard for making records over tape, so I have a very non-linear mixing and production approach.

I have a massive amount of plug-ins, including Waves, Sonnox, URS, Altiveb, Softube, Slate Digital,SoundToys, Eventide, etc. The latest generation of plug-ins sounds great to my ears. Although I appreciate good analog gear, the reliability and convenience of digital plug-ins embellishes my mixing process. As more and more major label records are mixed completely in the box, the industry is gradually realizing what myself and many other engineers have already decided: it is possible to mix a great hit record completely in the box.

I use ATC scm25a for monitoring and to get more of the analog console feel, I use WK Audio`s ID controller.

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