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About Kjell A Westby

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Hi, my name is Kjell. I´ve been a mixer/engineer for about 18 years, and I have my own studio located in Stavanger, Norway. I want to work for artists who are serious about their music, whatever the genre. My credits range from hip hop to rock, and everything in between. I am offering affordable flat rate mixing services. The internet allows the music industry to work anywhere in the world, and therefore I can mix for you no matter where you are.

I have been working with artists like:Libra Valentine, Kjell Inge Torgersen, Emma Pears, Manfred Man, Stavanger Gospel Company, Frank Schønberg, Stephen Ackles, Vigdis Eidsvåg, Univerbal, Electric Pavement,  Jan Ingvar Toft, Magnar Birkeland, Sveinar Heskestad, Rivo Noarivelo....

Don`t hestitate to contact me for more information and booking

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